Queue management system

A Queue management system can help businesses improve their productivity and client satisfaction while improving service quality. Waiting in physical queues to acquire customer needs is a tiring process. Satisfying visiting clients or guests is the first step toward achieving business goals. Various kinds of Queue management system deployments are available in the market nowadays. Here we’ll discuss different types of hardware deployment options in detail. 

Tablet-based Queue management system

A tablet-based system offers the advantage of moving around with the system at your fingertips. The security personnel or front desk receptionists can help visitors check in to the premise by approaching them and collecting their required data. A Queue management system at a facility is to be designed in a way that it could reduce visitors’ waiting time and also increase employee productivity. Considering these factors, Quest Middle East has developed the system accordingly. Check out our previous blog on “Tablet-based system: 5 reasons to consider” to know more about our system specialties. 

KIOSK-based Queue management system

A KIOSK at the reception can be used by the securities/receptionists or even the visitor as a self-service system. The visitors coming to the facility can check in to the facility by themselves; this manages to save time and reduce physical queues. Still serving as the most preferred option by most organizations, KIOKS are now accompanied by SMS tokens and other advanced features to make the check-in experience seamless.

QR code scanning on visitors’ personal device

How about scanning a QR code and entering the premise without any hassle of physical queues? How convenient is that, right? A QR code will be displayed in the parking lot or front lobby for visitors to scan. After scanning the code through a smartphone, the page will redirect to the form where visitors can fill in the required data. Following the collection of this information, the guest will be notified of their virtual queue position, enabling them to monitor their queue status in real-time. Such a Queue management system could offer your visitors the option to wait in the café, or their car, or anywhere outside your waiting area as per their convenience. As a result, your visitors feel convenient utilizing their time during the visit.