Self Service KIOSK

Contactless transactions are gaining popularity across the sector, worldwide. There is no doubt that the future is going to be more and more digital and less and less human-interaction-demanding.

To make this possible and to bring more accuracy, speed, and smoothness in the process, a self-service kiosk is being deployed. If you wish to improve your guest experience without compromising speed and security, Quest's Android Kiosk is for you. We have used a robust development platform to build this product. Our product is cloud-based POS software. The motto is to enable you to serve your visitors or guests or customers with ultimate customer service and super flexibility.

Businesses such as hospitality, restaurants, even schools are deploying a kiosk Android app for smooth operations without or lesser human intervention. As the speed of operations gets increases, your organization can serve more visitors or guests. This will also minimize the wait time for guests.

How Does Quest Self-service Kiosk Work?

Suppose if you are a restaurant, the kiosk app Android would work more as a self-order Point of Sale software. Customers will be able to place their orders and make the payment without human intervention. It will be a frictionless service. Customers will not have to wait in line to buy items and there will be no or less delay.

What can Quest Kiosk Do?

Guests/customers can order as per their wish and will with comfort and convenience.

The system might suggest complementary items or items the customer orders frequently, etc.

This order gets to the kitchen automatically

Once the order is complete, the customer is notified.

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