Queue management workflows

Keeping track of your visitors’ data is crucial to maintaining a safe and secure workplace. Entry2Exit Visitor management systems provide the complete freedom to self-customize your check-in and out workflows. The people with admin access can easily understand and alter the visitor workflows according to the changing organizational requirements. 

All aspects of the workflow can be self-customized, from the type of visitors to the notifications. Customer experience is the core of our visitor management system platform. Let’s dive into the importance and reasons why self-customizable workflows are essential for the growth of a company/premise. 

Save time with simplified and automated form fill-ups

Various categories of visitors like contractors, suppliers, casual staff, VIPs, etc., may be entering the facility premises multiple times. Entering data for each arrival is a tiring process. Quest Middle East comes to the rescue here with the facility to capture their data once ( auto-generated via smart capture from ID cards or by manually entering information), and information such as employee/tenant to meet, the purpose of visit, access card numbers are available as dynamic dropdown options. Also, recognizing pre-registered or re-visiting individuals via QR code or their mobile number. 

Custom real-time notification alerts

Our live notification system ensures every host and visitor is notified as the visitor checks in at the premises. The notification feature of the Entry2Exit visitor management system offers a seamless greeting of your guests to the facility by custom editing each visiting category via SMS and email. Information to host can include the visitor’s details, their purposes of visit, and which company they are from; notification to visitors can consist of a welcome message with feedback links and mask-wearing reminders, for example. 

Pre-register your Visitors

The pandemic era has made people lean towards more digital and touchless options since your guests would appreciate it if you could offer them a check-in experience within their comfort. Our Visitor management system delivers the convenience of pre-registering your visitors. Visitors can book an appointment through the online booking portal and notify the hosts regarding their visit. The host can authorize the visit and confirm the same. Suppose a host invites a client to their premises, and the guest can approve. Admins can create the workflow for pre-registering their visitors and even approval workflows where necessary.

Different branches, different workflow

Companies with multiple branches can use Entry2Exit’s multi-branch feature, where each branch has a different workflow and a local administrator to view the reports and dashboards. There will also be a global administrator who can view the information and alter configurations of all the branches from an international level. This feature will enable enterprises to scale the visitor management system processes without limiting branch-wise customizations and reporting.