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Virtual Queue with Occupancy Limiter Intro Image

Since the corona virus outbreak, the health and safety advice from the World Health Organization has remained unchanged: maintain social distancing! If you are inviting guests and chose to stay open, you are obligated to keep your workplaces, employees, and customers safe. At Quest Middle East we have perfected the art of enabling large gatherings with […]

Set The Ball Rolling

At the clinic, grocery store, mall, cafeteria, bank, and cinema… standing in a line is something one and all unanimously love to hate. Can you make something as widely unlikeable, not bearable, but an act that guarantees to not deterrent the rest of your service quality. Your customers who are waiting mustn’t feel the need […]

Key Tips For Enable Effective Queue Management

The basic principle behind any Queue Management System is to quantify queue demand at any given time and inform your staff in real-time. Nothing is annoying for a waiting customer who is told ‘you’re next’ before waiting another 45 minutes. Managing customer waiting time expectation is one of the most critical part of running a customer-centric facility with a […]

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