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Access Control System In Dubai

Offices must be built in a secure ambiance and must be run in a safe environment. In a workplace or a storage place where data or products/services the business deals with are run, security plays an important role. Limited access, Complete visibility of the entrance and exit gates, etc is crucial to ensure no unwanted object or person is in the office premises.

An access control system for the office is designed to monitor and manage the premises through an electronic network. The system identifies, validates, and permits entry or exit of a person to and from the premises, and thereby ensures complete protection of the premises through a reliable system. Irrespective of the size of the office or work premises, our security system will work efficiently. Only authorized people or staff will be able to enter the premises.

Our Access Control System is built to work seamlessly and can be easily integrated with your existing system. Our products are developed by using the latest technology to offer users the most advanced security solutions.

Our access control system/security solution work as:

A stand-alone, robust office security system.

It is a hosted system built with multiple card readers.

Managed security control.

Visitor management control.

We also offer:

Door access control system

Campus access control system.

Entry access control system.

Customization is our USP. We are open to building and designing a security system for you depending upon your needs and future goals. Our proficient team of experts is more than happy to create a product that will satisfy your objectives the best.

Systems Integration

With our access control system integration with other security software existing in your premises will not be an issue. Smooth integration with systems like video surveillance, entry & exit access control, intrusion detection. With our product, you maintain a high-end security environment at the office premises.

Hosted Access Control

You are now eligible and equipped to manage the security system from anywhere at any time with any computer device with Internet access. Irrespective of your location and the device you are using, you have the access control and you can decide & monitor the people entering and leaving the premises. You can get an activity report and all of this can be done without having a dedicated server.

Managed Access Control

Leave the routine administration part to us and have complete management of the access control. You do not have to deploy an in-house IT staff dedicated to taking care of a security system.

Why Quest?

Because we understand the importance of security and safety. It is not just about the office premises, work, business data, but also about people who are present in the premises at any given time. We are a trustworthy access control system Dubai.

No premises, business or non-business can afford to accommodate an unauthorized, and unreliable person or object.

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