visitor management system

Keeping track of your visitors can save you from a fortune of issues. A fast and secure Visitor management software like Entry2Exit can offer you better workplace wellbeing. We always care about what each consumer would want to improve their business. Developing and customizing the system according to the users’ requirements makes an efficient software overall. 

A computer-based or KIOSK Visitor management software has several drawbacks in some environments, including the mobility factor and faster proceedings. Especially a system that eases the check-in flow of your visitors should be efficient in all aspects. Quest Middle East comes to the rescue here. The tablet-based software delivers an easily understandable interface with the freedom to carry around our system at your fingertips. Before installing a traditional Visitor management system at your door, let’s dive into why you should consider the Entry2Exit tablet-based system.

Top 5 reasons to consider Entry2Exit

  • Mobility factor

A tablet-based software offers the security personnel or the front desk executives to move around with the tablet and help visitors to check in to the premise. This saves time and delivers an excellent first impression to your guests. 

  • Little to no training is required to use the system

We always ensure that our system and its interface are easy to understand for anyone using it. Taking this matter into consideration, Entry2Exit has developed the software so that any user can quickly adapt to the interface. 

  • Reduced installation costs

Installing and integrating tablet-based software at the front desk is a quick and easy process. Moreover, compared to other systems, our system offers a tremendous cost reduction in installation and maintenance. 

  • Scan Emirates ID, Passport, and Driving license from the tablet itself

Our Visitor management software provides the facility to scan your Visitors’ valid ID proofs including driving licenses and passports. We always care about making a better customer experience. These ID cards, as mentioned earlier, can be scanned using the Tablet itself, so there is no need to use an external scanning peripheral. 

  • Easy to support

We offer you complete service support. Our trained executives will help throughout the installation process and provide customer support for the product’s lifetime. Comparatively, the chance of getting issues on a tablet-based system is meager.