As an IT solutions provider, Quest Middle East has earned great respect from our customers in the realm of visitor management and streamlining how an organization effectively manages the flow of visitors. Considering regional customer requirements to improvise our application constantly makes us organically unique from our competitors.

Our Queue management system offers a variety of special features like automatically notifying your customers about the expected wait time, and live queue status via a web application. A seamless customer experience and reduced wait times are our key priorities when it comes to Queue management. Let’s dive into our customers’ top three critical success factors.

Reduce Wait Times

73% of walk-in customers say the long queue waiting times are the biggest showstopper. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting in slow-moving lines with no real idea when the wait might be over. Wait times also severely impact how you retain existing customers. We offer a Queue management system that allows you to achieve your goals by optimizing and communicating the waiting expectations to your customers. 

The number one benefit of the Entry2Exit queue management system is reducing wait times for your clients through dynamic process workflow. 

Manage Virtual Wait Rooms

Entry2Exit  Queue management system allows waiting without checking into a physical line. Because your clients can “wait” in a virtual queue, they don’t need to be inside the waiting area, till the token is approaching in the next 2 or 3 calls. The visitors will be updated via SMS or a smart link showing their current position in the queue via their mobile phones. 

This frees up your physical waiting room space and eliminates unnecessary staff interruptions. A less crowded lobby can help you make a better first impression on your customers. Giving customers the option to spend their time efficiently helps improve customer experience

Persistent Efforts to Improve Service Quality

The waiting experience colors the perception of the entire service interaction for your customers. Those who have an easy and enjoyable experience can easily support the growth of an organization and exhibit convenience in visiting the premise on a regular basis. The pandemic era has made people prefer social distancing and touchless options at the front desks.

Taking care of your customers is the first step toward a successful business. Entry2Exit Queue management software satisfies your customers and provides a safe and secure workplace environment. Seamless visitor processes will offer your employees become more productive. A busy world needs faster and more elegant digital enhancements on-premises. 

Quest Middle East delivers the exact solutions to your day-to-day workplace hassles. For further information, please click on ‘contact us’ or reach us on 0501374167.