Improve your business’s productivity and customer satisfaction with a seamless front desk experience. An efficient Visitor management system will help you capture your visitor’s data with little to no effort compared to keeping a traditional logbook. Keeping track of your visitors and managing your queues simultaneously can benefit your office or premises workflow. A hassle-free front lobby and better customer satisfaction will make your Visitors or clients visit the premises more frequently. Now let’s dive into the advantages of integrating Visitor management and Queue management software.

Manage your Visitors and Queues through a single platform

Entry2Exit offers you the ultimate solution for all your Queue-based and Visitor management issues. The system manages to monitor your visitors in real-time through a single interface. We have designed our integrated system with a simple and elegant interface so that any user can adapt to it quickly.

Categorize your Visitors

Different visitor categories must have different purposes for visits. Integrating Visitor management and Queue management system makes it easier to categorize your visitors and guide them accordingly.

Secure Visitor information capture

Maintaining the safety and security of visitor data is extremely important in today’s day and age. Quest Middle East offers fast and secure visitor data capturing with personal ID cards like driving licenses, Emirates ID, etc.; their reason for the visit and other associated information can also be captured upon check-in. The system can be deployed cloud or on-premise with security compliances per the customer’s requirements.

Occupancy limiter

Entry2Exit Queue management system allows you to manage your crowded lobbies. Our system can give you a real-time display of the occupancy limit and prevent your entrance from becoming overcrowded. This helps optimize the front desk experience for your visitors and positively benefits the performance of the employees working on the premises.

Visitor and Host Notification via SMS and Email

Visitors can receive a token and be redirected to the required counter with the help of the Queue management system when they come to the facility for service-based inquiries or satisfy any type of service requirement. In contrast, if a visitor arrives for a one-on-one meeting, the host will be notified that the visitor has arrived, and a visitor badge can be issued. This is one of the critical advantages of integrating Visitor management and Queue management systems.

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