Visitor Management solutions can be used to pre-register, initiate, approve, track and update visitors, contractors, suppliers, casual staff, VIPs, employees, etc., with physical access permissions for people entry via turnstiles and other access-controlled entrances within organizational premises. The benefits of integrating the Visitor Management System with the Access Control System include:

Enhanced Visitor Access Management

  • The integration of the Visitor Management System and Access Control System will ensure physical access is appropriate by visiting the location,  visitor type, purpose, and duration of the visit will be captured in along with check-in. The visitor Management System will give the Visitor access to the premises using the existing Access Control cards.

Single Reporting of Employees and Visitors

  • With integration, the list of all employees and visitors currently inside the premises will be visible from a single dashboard. This will enable a comprehensive reporting of all people who checked in and not checked out and also checked in to the assembly point during an emergency.

Safety and Health

  • Induction program feature in Visitor Management System with ensuring that access is only granted to visitors trained for the area, integrating with Access Control System will install stringent regulation to affirm the safety and health requirements.

Compliance Outcomes

  • The Visitor Management System integration with Access Control System enables the enforcement of effective visitor identity and access compliance obligations across multiple standards and visitor tracking throughout various facilities.

Emergency Response

  • The integration improves evacuation management and emergency response, with accurate reporting of every category of the person on site and their location.

Reporting and Analytics

  • With a complete data set, Security and Facilities can leverage enhanced reporting and analytics across audit and compliance, service, and resource planning. Visitor Management System Can bring data of checked-in visitors can employees to a single dashboard, enabling effective reporting from a single platform.

Identity Governance

  • It becomes possible for security to assess and audit access compliance, access control processes, and high-risk areas or people.

Integrating the Visitor management system with the access control system enhances the features of a standalone application better to secure the visitors and employees on your premises. This, in turn, improves resource productivity, lowers cost, and improves security and compliance outcomes. For further information pls click on contact us or reach us on 0501374167.