Pleasant reception and explanation may not always suffice to impress your clients. Considering this factor, Quest Middle East has come up with the facility to Pre-register your visitors and invite them to your premise with utmost pleasure. The hosts can send the invitation and notify the visitors through an email or SMS. The client would appreciate and be very glad to receive a personalized notification for the meeting. 

The Entry2Exit Visitor management system helps you manage your visitors and grow your business. Sign-in notifications in real-time are one of our key features that alert both the host and the guest as soon as they arrive at the entrance. Meeting your clients in person and making them satisfied with your business is the top priority to achieving your business goals. We help you create a better impression of your business before coming to the premise. Now, let’s dive into the reasons why One-on-One meetings are essential.

Why are One-on-one meetings important?

When you meet them in person, making a good impression on your clients is more effortless. Also, it would help them better understand the topics you discuss. The growth of your business depends on you taking care of your customers’ needs and developing products tailored to their requirements. Active listening and spontaneous responses can only be achieved through physical meetings. Our Visitor Management and Queue Management Systems positively impact every client arriving at the facility at the entrance. They are designed to make a good impression on everyone entering the facility. 

Keeping in touch with clients personally through physical meetings shows that you care about the proposal you receive. People are increasingly encouraging these one-on-one meetings as the pandemic era ends. 

How does Entry2Exit’s Pre-registration benefit your meetings?

  • Send personalized invitations
    • Entry2Exit’s pre-registration portal allows hosts to invite their clients by sending personalized SMS or email notifications. The guests can accept the invitation and come to the premise with the notification they received beforehand.
  • Visitor request and host approval 
    • As part of the system, Visitors can send an invitation request to the host, who can approve the request on a schedule that works for them.
  • Effortless notification alerts
    • The client receives a notification that includes a QR code and a map which eases the client’s check-in and check-out of the premise. 
  • QR code check-in and check-out
    • Scanning the QR code auto-generates the details of the visitor, and they can sign in to the facility. This provides a hassle-free entrance experience to your guests. 
  • An ideal guide- the Map
    • Some facilities may have multiple entrance gates to enter the facility; considering this factor, the email or SMS also includes a map indicating the exact gate the guest could enter.
  • Group invitation
    • The host can send an invitation simultaneously to multiple people. With this feature, longer meetings with various participants can be made possible.

The unique features of Quest Middle East can help you show that you are a quality business owner and can provide quality services. The notification provides a seamless check-in experience for your guests.