visitor management system

Maintaining logbooks of data for managing the visitors is a hassle. To overcome these issues, implementing digital solutions is the only optimum solution in this modern world. A digital Visitor management system helps all scales of offices and properties to gain a professional image and good reputation among others.

A client’s or any visitor’s first impression starts from the front gate itself, there shouldn’t be any compromise in making it the best one. Requesting a visitor to enter their details in an old-fashioned bulky logbook may make them very uncomfortable, especially during this modern era. Digital and automated solutions are available in every aspect of society, and people are getting addicted to them, not only because they’re interesting but because those innovations make people’s jobs a lot easier. Companies need firm digital infrastructure in order to maintain, analyze and manage data. Considering the case of security of individuals in the premise, each of them would feel safe and secure, since everyone’s data is been collected by the authority. This data can also be used in case of an emergency. Unlike the traditional method of keeping book logs, no one has to worry about leakage of their information since it can only be accessed by authorized personals.

The digital solution:

A robust visitor management system provides the facility to notify the host about their arrival and the purpose of their visit. With this feature, hosts can greet and welcome their guests accordingly. Digital enhancements made in a property help to maintain a good decision-making environment. The sign-in notifications provided by Quest Middle East in a Visitor management system are not only received by the host, but also by the visitor. This allows the guest to understand whom to visit after entering the premise to satisfy their purpose of visit. Other than providing sign-in notifications, the system would also help to monitor every visitor coming in and out of the property. People’s time spent at the property, purpose of visit, frequency of visit, and much more are recorded efficiently and can be retrieved at any moment of time in need.

Major issues faced :

  • One of the major issues faced by an organization not having a Visitor management system is that the concerned authorities or personnel don’t know who has visited the property. This may result in misuse of the premise. Understanding each visitor’s basic details and their purpose of visit makes the premise secure from unwanted entries. 
  • Secondly, keeping a traditional logbook at the entrance can be accessed by anyone entering the premise which results in leakage of sensitive data of individuals. In order to avoid this breach of data, an efficient Visitor management system is to be installed. 
  • The digital system also lets you know who is inside the premise and who have left and at what time they entered and left the property. Keeping a register to maintain these data is considered very complicated. 

Benefits of using a Visitor management system:

  • Time management: Visitors don’t have to go through too many procedures to enter the property. With the touchless digital system, they can simply scan their ID and their details are auto-filled. A visitor management system also enables the employees to focus on their work more efficiently.
  • Sign-in notifications offer the employees a tension-free environment by knowing about the visitor beforehand and being ready to greet them.
  • Managing the attendance of each employee is made easy with the help of implementing a digital system.
  • Delivering customers a well-organized welcoming at the entrance. 
  • Emergency alerts can be sent to people inside the premise, in case of any emergencies like fire.