queue management

A drastic change has occurred in our lifestyles due to the pandemic era. People prefer digital and touchless solutions in their day-to-day lives. Quest Middle East delivers complete touchless Queue management solutions at the doorstep itself. A safe and secure premise makes a better workplace environment. Preventing unwanted entries and protecting visitors’ data are crucial to maintaining a well-maintained facility. 

How does it work?

Maintaining a less crowded lobby and keeping visitors comfortable during their visit are the key benefits of booking online appointments. Our online booking portal allows people to book their appointments within their comfort. Take out your personal gadget and proceed to online booking. How convenient is that, right? Now let’s discuss the steps and features of the Entry2Exit Queue management online booking portal.

  • Visitors can book online the available slots to visit the premise or avail service. They will be prompted to enter the required service or information type they seek as the first step.
  • When requesting an online appointment, the visitor can select their required service to see which slots are available for the selected service during a particular day.
  • Upon successful appointment booking, the Entry2Exit online booking portal sends a QR code-based email notification which can be scanned at the Entry2Exit KIOSK upon arrival; an SMS with a booking confirmation code will also be sent provided to the visitor.
  • The notification received for the visitor will include the exact booking slot time and a guiding map indicating the gate/entrance to enter the premise.
  • Scanning the QR code at the front gate will auto-fill the details of the visitor and booked slot information, and a token number will be printed out and sent to the visitor via SMS.
  • The counter users will be notified that a pre-booked visitor has checked in, assuring reduced waiting time to visit. Counter users can see the booking time and arrival time of the visitors.

Benefits of Online appointment booking

Time management

Entry2Exit Queue management system is tailored to satisfy your customers by reducing their check-in and check-out hassle. The process of waiting in a physical queue and confirming appointments is tiring, especially in today’s age of technology. Quest Middle East delivers the exact solution. The visitors can quickly check in to the premise by just scanning the QR code at the entrance.

Visitor privacy and comfortable booking experience

Our web-based online booking facility allow users to book their appointments within their comfort zone. A traditional logbook raises several security issues regarding the privacy of personal data. Visitors can take out their smartphones and book the available slots for the particular employee that he/she wishes to meet.

Slot booking based on host/service executive availability

The employees can update their available slots for each day of the week, and visitors will be able to select them according to their preferences. Our Queue management system will auto-generate a notification for the host and the visitor, which provides a hassle-free booking experience.

Real-time notification alerts

Entry2Exit live notification system ensures that the host and the visitor are notified about the appointment bookings through SMS or email. Instant notification alerts make our Queue management system special; that offers a seamless booking experience.