The traditional method of maintaining paper-based logbooks at the entrance is not adequate in this modern world. You may encounter various issues if you continue to manage visitors in such an old-fashioned manner. Quest middle east delivers you the complete Visitor management solution

People entering the premise mostly prefer touchless digital systems other than the traditional method of filling out paper books. After the pandemic, everyone’s even more cautious about their health. We developed a touchless Visitor check-in application that is robust and efficient in light of this scenario. A logbook at the entrance poses a number of security issues since anyone can look into the personal information of others. This cannot be allowed at any cost. It is important to implement a Visitor management system so that the data is kept safe and secure, and that only authorized personnel can access it. Using a VMS is primarily concerned with managing and tracking all visitors. 

How does it work?

Each type of visitor coming to the entrance provides their basic information and their purpose of the visit is captured by the system. After capturing those data, both the visitor and host receive a notification indicating the arrival of that particular visitor. Upon providing the data, the system generates a personalized badge, so that the host can receive the visitor with confidence. They are also real-time monitored so that nobody misuses any premise property. Each visitor’s data is sensitive and they will be kept confidential in a digital system other than a traditional paper logbook.

Purpose of using a paperless Visitor management system

  • Elevates your front desk appearance and gives the visitors a good impression about the premise. 
  • Hassle-free check-in experience with scanning valid ID proofs.
  • A Visitor management system makes the workflows for visitors that are digital and customizable.
  • Spot registration and Pre-registrations are available.
  • A touchless digital system at the front desk makes people feel more comfortable at the entrance itself.
  • Both hosts and visitors are notified instantly about the arrival of a visitor.
  • Distribution of customized visitor badges which helps the host to receive their clients/guests easily. 
  • Data about every individual entering the premises is kept safe and secure.
  • A Visitor management system enables a fast and secure check-in and out. 
  • Detailed reports of whoever entered the property and their purpose of the visit are captured efficiently.
  • Visitors are being monitored in real-time which keeps the premise safe from unwanted entries.

For whom do visitor management systems serve?

A common misconception exists in a society that Visitor management software is only used by large corporations. Companies or properties of any size can implement a Visitor management system. In offices with branches in different locations, a VMS can be used to monitor each employee and visitor. It is most commonly used in small and large-scale office premises, gated communities, Government offices, Health care service providers, Educational institutions, etc. The use of a good digital solution for visitor workflows is beneficial for any type of industry.