The premise of a healthcare facility would have a variety of visitors coming for a variety of reasons. Managing these many visitors is a very complicated process if we try to maintain a written logbook. Entry2Exit comes to the rescue here with a digital solution to all your Queue management problems. Maintaining a high standard of the visitor experience and the security of the people inside the property is to be taken care of with utmost care. 

A Queue management system at the front gate enables people to check in to the premise easily and also it saves the waiting time. Happy customers are the key to achieving the goals of a better workplace. Quest middle east provides the facility to integrate our Visitor management system with the Queue management system, which eliminates all your visitor management issues. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have evolved in the last few years and they are relying on modern technologies to manage everything more efficiently. Patients and bystanders coming to the hospitals should not be kept in a long physical line, instead, they will be able to make an appointment and know their waiting line position with the help of Queue management software. 

What makes Entry2Exit special?

  • Tablet-based application
    • Using a tablet-based application offers the guards to easily carry around the system and help visitors check in. Also, compared to other computer-based applications, our system is very cost-effective.
  • Customized token displaying screen
    • To meet the needs of our customers, we provide the option to customize the screen that displays the token number.
  • Online booking 
    • The visitors can take advantage of the online booking facility to skip the queue and gain access to the services. 
  • Occupancy limiter
    • The users can set an occupancy limit, reducing the lobby rush. This real-time occupancy limit can also be displayed on-screen. 
  • Live Notifications
    • When it’s time to take your turn, the system notifies the visitors about your queue number.

How does Queue management software assists the premise?

  • Time management: An efficient queue management system makes the workplace more productive. In the workplace, our system ensures an efficient working environment.
  • Safe and secure premise: Visitor data is captured digitally at the facility and is secured in the system as well. Even the data on vaccination can be collected before entering the facility.
  • Improved Work efficiency: Installation of a robust Queue management system automates one of the major tasks of controlling the hassle at the front lobby itself without any risk of losing the data.
  • Better reputation: The brand value of the facility will be benefitted since the customers are well satisfied with the service provided.
  • Streamline processes: An automated approach manages the procedures at the entry gate more ordered and systematically.