What makes a visitor management system efficient? The answer lies in tailoring the security process to handle different category of visitors while providing a safe, comfortable check-in mechanism.

At Quest Middle East, we have a specialized team of dedicated consultants who spent the last five years learning how to proactively improve the visitor process to meet the changing demands of each industry. The result is a dynamic visitor management system that can handle any size or nature of the organization to adapt and simplify critical check-in and out processes effectively. 

In this article, we focus on how to bring about a touchless solution to your visitor management system.

Firstly, the visit can be pre-registered. In this case, the visitor management system sends an email with a QR code or an SMS with a smooth check-in number to the visit prior to their visit. Securities can scan this QR code or type in the 4-digit smooth check-in number to verify the visit and check-in visitor in under 5 seconds.

The second critical element here is to not touch the visitor’s Emirates ID upon checking. To enable this, we keep the Emirates ID reader towards the visitor’s side of the security cabin to insert the ID themselves.

Lastly, we enable face detection-based access control system integration with Entry2Exit visitor management system. Access control systems can be used for teaching and non-teaching faculties and regular visitors like long-term contractors and parents. An advanced scanner can detect and auto check-in individuals even with a mask on and mark their body temperature. Entry2Exit visitor management system can pull a single report with all the visitors and staff details by integrating with the access control system.

Al Hosn scanners can be installed along with these access control devices to scan the validity and update the database so that the individual can come to school by just face detection up till the last date of PCR validity provided by Al Hosn.

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