Queue management

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting in line to achieve what you want. After the pandemic people really encourage the implementation of touchless systems on-premises. A robust and efficient Queue management system solves these hassles and gives people a sense of relief that they don’t have to wait in a physical queue for so long. Implementing digital solutions at the doorstep gives visitors a positive impression. Offering each visitor a seamless experience is the key aspect of the system. 

Reducing the waiting time of visitors also helps in increasing the productivity of the employees too. There may be situations where a company has to handle a large number of clients in a day, the Queue management system provides the complete solution by avoiding the waiting line and deploying live notifications. Along with SMS notifications, the system also provides live Queue status notifications, so that people can know their waiting line position wherever they are. 

Why do you need a Queue management system?

  1. As we all know, the first and foremost need is to reduce the waiting time of visitors. In this busy world time management plays an important role in everyone’s life.
  2. The installation of a Queue management system will increase employee and customer satisfaction. Every employee likes to interact with happy customers.
  3. A hassle-free entrance, where people don’t have to wait in line physically. 
  4. The use of digital advancements on a premise contributes to a better workplace environment for employees as well as increased efficiency.
  5. Keeping the premise safe and secure from unwanted intruders.
  6. Using a Live notification system, people can gain insight into their waiting position and take appropriate action.

Advantages of using Entry2Exit Queue management system

  • Online booking portal 
    • People can book their appointments through the web-based booking portal available in our Queue management system.
  • Visitor monitoring 
    • Each and every visitor is being monitored from their Entry2Exit of the premise.
  • Data security
    • The collected information is very sensitive and we handle that data with the utmost care, these data are only being handled by concerned authorities.
  • Easy to use
    • Quest middle east provides a straightforward system, so that people could easily understand and use it efficiently.
  • Live Queue position tracking
    • Visitors can track their live queue position online, this helps them to reach their host without waiting in line. 
  • Real-time Notifications 
    • Entry2Exit delivers live notifications for everyone entering the premise and also notifies their hosts about the arrival.