visitor management system

Capturing data of every visitor entering the premise can benefit not only in keeping the property safe but also in improving your business. Collecting these visitor data digitally through an efficient Visitor management system can help the business proliferate. The system can monitor every person in the facility from entry to exit. 

The reception or the front gate is the first impression for every visitor before entering the property, so the facility should prioritize this matter. Quest Middle East delivers a complete solution to all your visitor management issues. The modern era has made people more comfortable with digital enhancements in a premise. A visitor management system’s ability to capture visitors’ data makes a big impact on the face of the business compared to a logbook at the doorway. Keeping a logbook for visitors raises many security issues regarding leakage of personal data, unwanted entries to the premise, etc. Entry2Exit provides a solution that avoids these hassles from your property. The system automatically alerts the corresponding host when a guest arrives.

 Guiding your visitors to the right path, time management, safe and secure data handling, and hassle-free customer experience are the key features to be taken care of before you handpick a Visitor management system. Studying the visitor’s needs and providing a customized experience for each group makes a workplace proficient. We’ll now discuss why Entry2Exit stands out from its competitors.

What’s special about Entry2Exit?

  • Tablet-based platform
    • The tablet-based software allows you to move around by carrying the system at your fingertips. This facility lets the guards quickly check in the visitors, reducing guests’ waiting time. 
  • ID scanning
    • Visitors carrying an ID proof like Emirates ID, passport, or driving license can scan their ID proof. Their data will then be auto-generated at the required fields. The result is a fast and secure check-in process for visitors.
  •  Pre-registration
    • Our Visitor management software allows the host to send an email or SMS notification as an invitation to the visitor. The message includes a QR code to scan at the entrance and a map that shows the exact gate at which the visitor can enter the facility. 
  • Dashboard in a central location/Centralized dashboard
    • Various businesses have their facilities at different locations; keeping that in mind, we have developed our dashboard. Admins can manage dashboards of multi-location companies from a single device itself.
  • Freedom of integration
    • We provide complete assistance in integrating your current systems with our Visitor management software. Also, the system can be integrated with our Queue management system according to the company’s preferences. 
  • Emergency evacuation list
    • A list of people inside the premise will be ready at any moment, and these people can be notified immediately if any emergencies like fire or threat occur.
  • Approval-based Entry Permits
    • Our simple yet sophisticated visitor management system can help your visitors and contractors gain access to the building by simply requesting online. One or more approver’s from the organization can grant access to the request, which the security can verify upon checking in to the premises.