As the modern era has evolved, so have the ways in which people welcome their guests. In addition to letting the host identify his/her visitor through their Visitor badges, sharing a visitor’s identity inside a premise, offers the benefit of allowing the host to know who their visitor is and what they have come for. Self-adhesive badges can be stuck onto the chest or arms of every visitor entering the visitor.

Quest Middle East offers the complete customization of the Visitor badges according to the customer requirements. In this blog, let’s discuss the advantages of using self-adhesive visitor badges inside a premise. 

Know your Visitors and guide them accordingly

The first impressions are made at the front lobby of the premise. Entry2Exit visitor management system allows you to manage your visitor categories by giving them the best customer experience possible. During a visit, consider addressing a person by name without asking, as a comfortable visit reflects the quality of the service you provide. The badge can be designed to include information such as: 

  • Name of the Visitor
  • Their purpose for Visit
  • What time they checked in
  • Visitor category
Improved security of the premise

Every visitor entering the premise would be given stickable Visitor badges. Our visitor management software manages to print out the self-adhesive badges with Visitors’ basic details and their purpose of visit.

Easy check-in and check-out

During check-out, the Visitor can scan the unique QR code available on their badges, which makes a fast and hassle-free check-out. As soon as an employee sees the badge, he/she can guide them accordingly.

Elevate your brand value

Entry2Exit Visitor management system offers the complete freedom of customizing the Visitor badges. Giving your clients or customers a Visitor badge will help you extend the brand value which results in the growth of your business. Implementing features like these in your visitor check-in process shows that you’re a reputable organization that’s willing to take an extra step toward customer experience.

Develop a relationship of trust with visitors

In addition to improved workplace security, making your visitors wear badges could build trust within them. It shows that we care about the safety seriously for everyone inside the facility.

Including self-adhesive Visitor badges in your check-in process will definitely provide a safe and secure workplace environment. Also, ensure that you care about your Visitors’ overall experience. Quest Middle East delivers the exact solutions to your day-to-day workplace hassles. For further information, please click on ‘contact us’ or reach us at 0501374167.