This system typically includes various components such as visitor registration, ID badge printing, check-in and check-out procedures, and real-time monitoring.

Attendance management is a crucial aspect of any school system. It helps schools keep track of students’ attendance, which is fundamental to their academic performance as well as the safely and regulatory procedures for students and the institution alike. 

There are multiple options for schools to track student attendance, such as:

  • Roll call: This is the traditional method of tracking attendance. The teacher calls out the names of the students in the class, and the students respond by saying “present” or “excused.” This information is later captured in the school attendance management system. 
  • Sign-in sheets in school transport: Students sign their names on a sheet of paper  or using roll-call the bus supervisor will mark the students presence upon boarding the bus to school and back home.

However, there are some gray areas where the school does not have total control over, such as:

  • Students leaving the school or entering the school without using school transport
  • Students leaving the school early due to any special request
  • Students coming late to school due to any personal reason
  • These categories are generally tracked manually or using paper based logs.

This is where the Entry2Exit school visitor management system with attendance feature is beneficial. 

Using the Entry2Exit tablet application for securities, the security at the school gates can track the students using RFID based school ID cards. For students who do not have permission to exit and enter the school outside of the permitted hours, the security will not be able to do the check-in and will require an approval from the students respective faculties. 

For approval the students’ respective faculties should enable entry and exit permissions in the portal for each student, this can be configured based on the workflow of the institution. 

Additional integration with the school access control system is also available to further strengthen the check in and out processes of students within the school premises. 

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