In today’s competitive business landscape, first impressions are more important than ever. This applies not just to potential clients and customers, but also to anyone who walks through your doors. A warm and efficient visitor experience sets the tone for the entire interaction, fostering trust and professionalism.

Unfortunately, many businesses unknowingly make mistakes during the visitor welcome process. These seemingly small missteps can have a significant impact on how visitors perceive your company. Here, we’ll explore some common pitfalls and how a robust visitor management system (VMS) like Entry2Exit from Quest Middle East can help you create a seamless and positive experience for everyone who visits your business.

Unprepared Reception Staff

The reception area is often the first point of contact for visitors. A disorganized or overwhelmed receptionist can create a negative impression. Common mistakes include:

  • Lack of knowledge: Receptionists may not be fully aware of scheduled appointments or visitor protocols. This can lead to confusion and delays.
  • Multitasking: Trying to handle multiple tasks at once can lead to errors and make visitors feel unimportant.
  • Unprofessional demeanor: A receptionist who appears disengaged or unfriendly can create a negative atmosphere.

How a VMS Can Help:

A VMS like Entry2Exit streamlines the visitor registration process, ensuring the receptionist has all the necessary information readily available. Pre-registration allows visitors to sign in electronically before arrival, minimizing wait times and allowing the receptionist to greet them by name. Entry2Exit also provides clear instructions and protocols for the receptionist to follow, reducing confusion and promoting professionalism.

Long Wait Times

Nobody enjoys waiting, especially when they have a scheduled appointment. Long wait times can be frustrating and disrespectful of a visitor’s time. Common causes include:

  • Inefficient check-in process: Manual registration with paper forms can be slow and cumbersome.
  • Unforeseen delays: Meetings may run over schedule, leaving subsequent visitors waiting.
  • Lack of communication: Visitors may be left uninformed about wait times, further aggravating the situation.

How a VMS Can Help:

Entry2Exit offers a user-friendly digital check-in kiosk, allowing visitors to register quickly and efficiently. The system automatically notifies hosts of visitor arrivals, eliminating the need for unnecessary waiting at reception. Additionally, Entry2Exit provides real-time wait time updates, keeping visitors informed and reducing frustration.

Unsecure Visitor Data

Privacy concerns are paramount in today’s world. Businesses have a responsibility to protect visitor information securely. Common mistakes include:

  • Outdated paper logs: Traditional paper sign-in logs can be easily lost or stolen, compromising visitor data.
  • Unsecured digital storage: Visitor information stored on personal computers or unsecured networks is vulnerable to breaches.
  • Excessive data collection: Businesses may collect more personal information from visitors than necessary.

How a VMS Can Help:

Entry2Exit employs robust security measures to ensure visitor data is safe and secure. The system utilizes secure on premise or cloud storage and adheres to industry-standard data encryption protocols. Businesses can customize the data collection process, ensuring they only gather the necessary information for each visit.

Lack of Visitor Amenities

A comfortable and welcoming waiting area can significantly improve the visitor experience. Common mistakes include:

  • Uncomfortable seating: Hard, uncomfortable chairs can leave visitors feeling tired and restless.
  • Limited amenities: Lack of access to WiFi, water, or restrooms can create frustration.
  • Uninspiring environment: A dull and uninviting waiting area can make the wait seem even longer.

How a VMS Can Help:

While not directly a feature of a VMS, a visitor management system can indirectly improve the visitor experience by allowing businesses to streamline reception operations. This frees up time and resources for businesses to invest in comfortable seating, refreshments, and a more inviting waiting area.

Inefficient Visitor Tracking & Reporting

Businesses need to track visitor data for security and operational purposes. Common mistakes include:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete data: Manual sign-in logs can be prone to errors and incomplete information.
  • Time-consuming reporting: Generating reports on visitor data from paper logs can be tedious and time-consuming.
  • Limited insights: Traditional methods often lack the capabilities to generate detailed reports and insights on visitor trends.

How a VMS Can Help:

Entry2Exit provides comprehensive visitor tracking and reporting capabilities. The system automatically captures accurate visitor data, allowing businesses to generate detailed reports on visitor trends, access times, and badge usage. These insights can be used to improve security protocols, optimize staffing levels, and gain valuable insights into visitor demographics.


At Quest Middle East, we understand the importance of creating a welcoming and secure environment for your visitors. We believe Entry2Exit is the perfect solution to elevate your visitor management experience.

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