The security at the front gate manages to enter the details of visitors into the database. Our robust Visitor management system provides complete security to every visitor. The feature to collect data on each visitor’s purpose of the visit offers a seamless workflow inside the premise. By limiting the number of visitors per day, visitors can be sorted out according to their priority.

Time management

Effective planning and time distribution benefit each of the employees to work efficiently. Whenever a visitor enters the premise to meet with an employee, the host receives an email/SMS notifying him/her about the arrival of the guest. This helps the employee to identify the visitor quickly. Scanning Emirates ID through our visitor management system makes it even easier for visitors to enter their details.

Seamless experience

Our digital Visitor management system provides a smooth entry to every visitor. A touchless interaction system that guides them in the right directions. In addition, this makes them feel more comfortable while entering the premise.

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