ID scan at Entrance

The details of each individual with their ID number are captured and stored upon scanning their ID on their way in. Each visitor is provided a stickable unique tag, which helps to identify each visitor for their host. The visitor management system also tracks frequent visitors and they are displayed immediately by reviewing their history of visit.

Keeping the premise Secure

VMS allows tracking of everyone entering the property. The time of entrance, exit time, and who all are still inside the premise is monitored. Unwanted entries can be avoided and actions can be taken with immediate effect. We maintain a healthy community inside the gates through our touchless system. Implementation of Visitor management systems can avoid the lack of confidentiality in keeping data in logbooks.

Notification alert system

Whenever a visitor enters their information on the Visitor management system, the host or resident receives an sms/email indicating whether they are expecting someone. After the approval of resident, the visitor can enter the premise and do the needful. By this way residents of the community feels safe and secure inside their property.

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    Visitor Management

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