The security of every individual in an educational institution is one of the key priorities to be taken care of. Unwanted or unauthorized entry to the premises should be discovered immediately and appropriate actions have to be taken. In order to keep the premise healthy and safe, keeping logbooks delivers a bad impression among the guests and parents. Our system ensures every student’s safety by tracking their check-in and out time precisely.

Time and Resource management

Paper-based systems for managing students’, staff, or visitors' check-in and out may not be accurate. Filling up the data manually on paper would be sluggish and difficult to manage. An easy-to-understand system for every visitor where data can be stored accurately gives you a hassle-free experience at the doorstep. Our School Visitor management system offers access to databases anytime, which helps in generating reports with immediate effect. It is useful for tracking visitors by collecting various data, such as the type of visitor, the person of the visit, the person to meet, the check-in time, and the check-out time.

Notification alert system

After the collection of data of an individual, it is notified to the concerned people that they’ve arrived for the noted purpose. If a person arrives to visit a particular employee, then the employee is notified about his/her visit.

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