Data security

A massive amount of patients and their visitors will be entering healthcare facilities day by day, and recording everyone’s data is a menace to be taken care of. The Queue management system offers an error-free data handling experience, where data is secure and can be retrieved whenever needed.

Reduced waiting time

After receiving the token number, patients will be able to track their waiting position online to reduce waiting time. It is convenient and preferable if the patients could receive the most efficient treatment plan and know the waiting time. The ultimate aim of our Queue management system is to save time for patients and give them a better experience.

Real-time monitoring

It is very important for hospitals to take care of the occupancy of the premise. Our system comes to the rescue here, tracking the number of people inside the premise helps to manage the occupancy and reduce the possible risks. Notifications are being sent to the concerned persons, which is highly beneficial in case of alarming situations such as fire.

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