Introduction to a visitor management system.

How many visitors are in your office at the moment? How many visitors you had yesterday or a year ago on a specific date (if we ask you)?

If you have to find the answers to these questions by going through large journals at the entry and exit of the office gate, or go through the excel sheet and count the number of visitors manually, you are faced with the following further questions:

How many of the names of the visitors you actually read or were spelled or typed incorrectly?

How many visitors have mentioned the correct time of arrival and exit from the office?

How many have forgotten or chosen not to mention any timings?

Who has forgotten to sign out? Or they were present in the office the whole day, even post working hours?

Do you know the purpose of the visit for every outside person and whom did he/she met?

Now, let us think of the situation where you have a visitor. Once the visitor arrives, who will greet him/her? Whether you would prefer to appoint a pleasant personality as a receptionist or will you appoint somebody who is just dragging the day with sleepy eyes? Or what if no one is there to greet the visitors at all? What are visitors supposed to do? What if the absence of a receptionist gives a free invitation to anybody to visit your office? Will it be safe?

These are not special scenarios, this happens in the office world every day. And hence, the need for a robust visitor tracking system is present.

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system lets you track and monitor everyone who enters the office building or office premises. This visitor can be a candidate for an interview, a customer, a delivery person, a contractor, an investor, or the CEO, or any uninvited or unwanted personality too. A visitor management system helps you to track visitors in a sophisticated way.

  1. Improved office security and employee safety.

    The safety and security of the premises and the staff are of utmost importance to any office. When to take help from software as a digital visitor management system to ensure lobby security, it provides the extra protection you need by tracking and identifying visitors accurately.
  2. A tracking and monitoring system will save you money.

    When you use robust software to streamline and automate visitor registration means significant cost and time savings. You know your office premises are safer as you are relying on accurate software, not on human efforts or labor.
  3. Visitor management software increases efficiency.

    In the first paragraph, we have already seen how traditional or paper-based systems of keeping track of the visitors manually works. Now, let us consider software that takes help from cameras, scanners, and other technologies to screen your visitors, register, and assigns a badge to them even without forgetting to greet them. This will save time for the lobby staff too. You can also pre-register the visitor and the visitor tracking system will automatically send the alert on the arrival of such a visitor.
  4. Visibility.

    When you install a robust and advanced visitor management system, the software is sophisticated enough to identify everyone present in the office building at any given time. Additionally, most software will allow you to identify, point out and study a variety of visitor patterns.
  5. Improve customer satisfaction and professionalism.

    Your staff has something to rely on when you install a professional visitor tracking system. If you have a lobby staff, it is already trying its best to be pleasant, warm, and respectful to the visitors. However, while doing this they also have to be firm and strict when it comes to the security of the office premise. Digital visitor management systems help them here.
  6. Pre-registration

    As mentioned above, the software lets you pre-register a few visitors. This can be done by a host, security staff, or the receptionist too. If you are expecting a particular visitor to the office for whatever purpose, be it a meeting or an interview or a repairing and maintenance task, etc. you have to add all the details of the visit in advance. This helps in speeding up the sign-in process, alerts are sent to the host of the meeting and the visitor too.
  7. Flexibility

    A sophisticated visitor tracking system is scalable and flexible. When the software is scalable and agile, you can easily customize it to fit your growing and changing business needs. Such software lets you be relieved that no matter how much you grow the business and office space, the software is robust enough to handle it.