As the much anticipated “light at the end of the tunnel” sets in on the global health crisis that we are engulfed in for over a year now, more and more companies institute return-to-work plans, the role of Facility management personnel in the workplace is critical and rapidly evolving.

The Facility Manager’s role is not only about communicating and instilling best practices and government compliances through the security and ground team. Its priority one is now about keeping everyone safe and healthy while managing a new, rapidly changing hybrid workplace.

Today everyone is a visitor – not just clients, contractors, and maintenance or delivery personnel, but the company employees and even teammates.

As a result, everyone needs the “red carpet treatment” in the form of a variety of features to practice them to work and keep them safe. 

In today’s work environment, managing people flows have become crucial and more important than ever before.

Even as the restrictions fade away slowly, entrants and exits in the workplace cannot afford to be clogged up, jammed into elevators, or packed into too-close.

Moreover, it’s become more important for facility and security personnel to be aware of exactly who is in the building and why at given time – when they come, when they leave, and people who are in contact with during their time on the premises.

A touchless Visitor Management System using QR-codes integrated access control systems (so that visitors can scan into building entrance or elevators using simple turnstile mechanisms helps organize and scale check-ins to and from the organizational premises.

Space-management systems and room booking software are in high demand right now, enabling meeting rooms and other office venues to be booked in advance using just a mobile application. Touchless space / desk-reservation systems allow employees to proactively reserve space before arrival. Particularly useful in situations where alternatively, working from home is an organizational practice. This also enables companies to respect occupancy limits and facilitate efficient and safer social work environments.

One of the benefits enabled by digital visitor management system like Entry2Exit is the simplicity of robust security features facilitated: Besides providing a smooth flow from security desk or reception, electronic sign-in (using QR or smooth check-in access codes) provides facility and security teams with real-time status of employees, visitors, contractors and other people currently in the building.

What’s more, they eliminate the old-fashioned pen and paper logbooks and allow instant notification to hosts and visitors during each transaction and emergency situation. 

Fortunately, in all of these new situations, dynamic Visitor Management systems like Entry2Exit can adapt to a company’s changing needs and compliance to help make everyone’s life easier. 

We hope this will improve and facilitate a smooth transition back into the workplace for both your employees and visitors and streamline some of the tasks that are now encompassed by the facility manager role.