protective workplace

Who would have thought that most of the people would be working from home 2020 onwards? The world had predicted the growth of work from home from freelancing work, but nobody knew this would happen so quickly. However, the present pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way we used to live and work. Many of the business employees are working from home and big market names like Microsoft, Twitter and others are thinking of continuing the trend forever. This saves these companies a big buck on the infrastructure and utility cost. However, with a work from home scenario comes other challenges. Most of these challenges are related to the communication, coordination, organization of the data and other business tasks.

To make WFH easy, the businesses are using different tools. Here are a few of the tools businesses can use to build a protected business environment in COVID19 Era. These tools also include software like visitor management software.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced mankind to quickly change its lifestyle and work behaviour. From traffic jams, crowded shopping centres, cafeterias and work commutes, we have come to a phase where we are spending most of our day within our homes. Post COVID19 Era won’t be the same. The organizations will need office management tools to build the workplace as per the new normal. Will your office be ready to avoid health risk and infection, facilitating physical distance?

Here are the Top Office Organization Tools for Post COVID19:

Protective screens

Irrespective of the sector of operation, size of the business, number of employees and location of the business, once any company or business decides to start the office, it will have to take all the necessary safety measures and installing protective screens is one of these measures. This will not only keep your staff safe from each other but also work as a protective shield between the staff and the customers.

The protective screens include transparent sheets made up of materials like methacrylate, hard plastic or glass, etc. These are the reliable physical barriers and help in preventing the spread of all pathogens, including Coronavirus.

Visitor Management System

Installing physical barriers are effective but not enough. Digitization of business processes is important too.  Which tool can help you better than the one that decides who should enter the office? A visitor management system is one of the vital office management tools. What used to be done on paper or using computers by entering details manually on the device is now done automatically. Visitor management system makes the process easier, faster, safer and reliable. 

With sleek, touch screen visitor management software, you can not only provide a smooth visitor experience but also safeguard your staff and those who visit the office. 

Temperature Measurement Kiosks

Apart from installing a sophisticated visitor management system, what else can you do is to take care of the fact that no person, be it a visitor or a staff should enter the premises if he/she is not medically well. In the post COVID19 world, it is very important to ensure that everyone stays healthy and away from the risk when they are in the office premises. No worker even with a minor health condition needs to enter the premises. 

To ensure this safety, businesses can install professional thermographic cameras at the entrance to the premises. It will tell employees about their body temperature when they are entering the premises. If you are operating from a business complex, you can install it at the entrance of your own office. The process can be performed individually or in groups. 

Surveillance systems with artificial intelligence

While with protection sheets, businesses can try to avoid contamination through physical barriers, with a visitor management system businesses try to limit the entrance of the visitors, with a temptation measurement kiosk, businesses can check the temperature of the person entering the office to avoid any possible risk of health, with a surveillance system (AI protected), you can monitor the in-office moments of the people. You can ensure that the staff and the clients are in compliance with the safety measures like maintaining a physical distance. 

The video surveillance system can integrate artificial intelligence with ‘deep learning’ techniques,  to earth users of the possible crowding. Businesses can maintain social distance and monitor potential suspicious cases. The AI boosted cameras can help you detect if anybody has not worn a mask or other needed PPEs.

Facial recognition and artificial vision

Remember how your staff and you used to enter the office after signing in with biometrics or swapping cards? Well, no matter how innovative, secure and faster it was, post COVID19 world might not allow you to do it. In the post-pandemic world, things will be as touchless as possible.

Installing systems with features like facial recognition and artificial vision will be used more as both the features will help businesses to identify their employees/visitors, even if they are wearing a mask. People will not have to touch anything while entering and exiting the door.

Apart from the above-mentioned tools, businesses can install the following systems to ensure maximum safety.


The sensorization of the office space will help avoid contact with surfaces. You can also mark the colors to label spaces which will be free to follow the safety distance.

Masks and hydro alcoholic gel

Last but not least, rather very crucial but basic is to make sure enough hydroalcoholic gels or sanitiser dispensing machines are installed in the office premises at the right places.