Touchless visitor check-in application

Since the corona virus outbreak, the health and safety advice from the World Health Organization has remained unchanged: maintain social distancing!

If you are inviting guests and chose to stay open, you are obligated to keep your workplaces, employees, and customers safe. At Quest Middle East we have perfected the art of enabling large gatherings with little worry of having too many people at once, using our virtual queue management system.

Introducing Entry2Exit, a virtual queue management system with occupancy limiter and specialized workflow to register visitors on the spot using a web form and a simple QR code confirmation. Once the form is submitted, you are placed on a queue that has an occupancy limiter.

The automated workflow of the occupancy limiter will send you a confirmation email / SMS with a QR code to enter the premises safely using a capacity-managed linear virtual queue. 

Contact us at marketing@quest-me or call +971501374167 to know more about the Entry2Exit queue management system Dubai.