At the clinic, grocery store, mall, cafeteria, bank, and cinema… standing in a line is something one and all unanimously love to hate. Can you make something as widely unlikeable, not bearable, but an act that guarantees to not deterrent the rest of your service quality.

Your customers who are waiting mustn’t feel the need to disembark as it is likely to lead to a happy experience among customers and bad word of mouth in the process.

When a customer comes and sees the line, they get the feeling of doom settling in, which can only be avoided if we enable an intuitive flow that makes them feel occupied while waiting in the line. Therefore, when a customer joins the queue, he/she should set an expectation and be engaged and from the very beginning and feel they have been entered into a system right away and the process of servicing them has begun.

It is a known fact that visitors are more likely to be patient while waiting during the service than feel they are waiting before the service has begun. To get this done, simple queue management systems come in.

For instance, a customer entering a service center should not only be greeted and told to wait but could be directed to a touch screen kiosk where a queue token can be issued.

Quest Middle East LLC offers a world-leading virtual queue management system to optimize customer flow solutions for small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses.

While the customer joins, they are provided with an estimated wait time from the queue management system ticket or as an SMS that gives a sense of already being a part of the service process.  With the estimated time, the focus now falls on the time taken by each counter to serve the waiting customer ahead of them. Furthermore, the digital signage display should be attractive to keep the waiting customer engaged with interactive content.

Hence, by engaging the customer and making them feel that he has been made part of the process from when they joined in the queue, the waiting time can be made bearable and even pleasant.

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