Visitor Management System Dubai

Consider a security process optimization system that replaces your traditional process with a simple tablet-based Visitor Management System. When visitors enter your premises, their Emirates ID or Passport can scan and automatically fetch the profile information. The host and reason of visit are selected from a simple drop-down, and the check-in process is complete. This way, you can keep 100% track of the organization’s visitor movement by maintaining the health & safety intact and ensuring a welcoming guest experience.

Sounds great, right?  But where do you begin?

Before progressing with a new visitor management system, the prerequisites of your unique visitor’s process need to be in place. Identify the number of locations you are operating in, how many gates/receptions are each location, how is the visitor traffic in each area and how many devices do we need at these locations to cater to the traffic, what are the types of visitors expected, and how the visitor flow should be crafted. It is also essential to understand how the Covid’19 pandemic has forever changed the visitor and staff processes in the modern workspace and how daily business interactions can suffice when moving forward.

Using a pen and paper to check-in visitors is an age-old method, yet many organizations are still using the same monotone process as the first point of contact with their external visitors. Reusing pen, paper, and even lanyards can cause you to flaw the Covid’19 health and safety guidelines and affect guest experience and experience. Equally important is the need to keep a sound track of who has been on your premises, for what reason did they come, and whom did they meet.

At Quest Middle East LLC, we provide a tailored visitor management system for our customers with a critical focus on low code technology that enables the customers to alter the process workflow based on their changing needs. We put the proposed process to test as proof of concept for two weeks at the customer’s premises to evaluate the process in a real-world scenario.  

We provide GDPR compliant cloud-based on-premise deployment options to enable data protection and convenience based on specific customer requirements.

To know more about our products and offerings, you can write to or call us at +971501374167. Our experienced consultants will be happy to tailor a process to your specific requirement and help you enable a safer and more comfortable visitor journey.