The basic principle behind any Queue Management System is to quantify queue demand at any given time and inform your staff in real-time.

Nothing is annoying for a waiting customer who is told ‘you’re next’ before waiting another 45 minutes. Managing customer waiting time expectation is one of the most critical part of running a customer-centric facility with a queue.

Nowadays, it’s odd that individuals line up and aren’t attended to by the staff. On the off chance that your customer needs to stand by 15 minutes to see the staff’s face, without a doubt, they will feel that their time is being squandered. 

Simple yet effective strategies, when put in place, can help you manage queues and customer experience effectively.

  • Create a clearly defined customer journey

A customer’s journey has to be smooth from the time they walk through the front door, understand how and navigate to suit their needs, pleasantly allign themselves to join the list of waiting visitors till their query is attended to. Even at peak hours, customers should be able to easily traverse through the process ending with a feedback / short survey. A feedback tool is critical to optimize and smoothen the queuing process constantly.  

  • Train and empower your employees

Whether in a government office, school or hospital, it’s your employees that are the first point of contact for your customers. Ensuring your employees are delivering the right experience is a key indicator that one of the most important parts of handling queues is well taken care of. Professionally trained, friendly staff members can diffuse any situation and turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

  • Manage customer waiting experience

73% of customers say that waiting until they are attended to is the biggest showstopper. Suppose a customer arrives and assuming they can get out quickly only to discover they have a longer time require to wait. In that case, they will naturally be dismayed and unhappy. Setting expectations from when they join the queue gives them time to do something else, go out for a coffee or wander around the shops. This will stop them from sitting or standing in one place and becoming frustrated. It is particularly uncomfortable during the covid era. 

Entry2Exit queue management system from Quest Middle East can even provide customers an SMS link to view the realtime status of the queue on the mobile browser. This helps safely wait in or around the queue premises until their tokens called.

  • Data is everywhere. Use it 

Improve the client experience by estimating footfall, examining stand-by times, and producing reports. Using a smart queue management system, you can precisely know what your clients are encountering and settle on business-situated choices dependent on the information in hand. Also, optimizing staff and resources based on data helps reduce cost and improve wait times along with many other benefits. 

More information on how to enable effective queue management 

The perfect queue management system for your business is dependent on what you’re trying to achieve. At Quest Middle East, we find that our consultative approach helps to find the best solution for your specific needs. For more information on queue management systems in a customer-facing situation, why not schedule a call with our consultant to discuss your specific requirement

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